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Thanks for joining me on my cancer journey.

I'm just an ordinary person with an extraordinary God who has proven Himself faithful to me on my journey with cancer.  I have not yet been declared "cancer free" by medical evidence, but I am very hopeful of a positive outcome and excited about the path I'm on.  By sharing my experiences, my pain, and my challenges, my journey has purpose.

I hope that through reading my story and being exposed to what I have learned, you will find the Greatest Hope there is in the battle against cancer.  

May my experiences provide hope and encouragement to you and bring Glory to the One who grants us the blessing of being overcomers.  

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Cancer - A Paradigm Shift

People are constantly saying things like, “You are a fighter, Wendy.  You’re gonna beat cancer!” “You just keep fighting.  You are so strong.” My dearest family and friends often put out prayer requests that read, “Pray for Wendy in her battle against cancer.”  We’ve all been well programmed on how to view cancer.  I see organizations crusading in the fight against cancer with billboards and slogans properly worded for defeating or beating this horrible foe.

As I’ve had time to ponder just how this battle is going, Dr. Phil’s haunting question keeps coming to mind. “How’s it working for ya?”  Well, I need to be totally honest. It isn’t working!  I have been so consumed these past three years being afraid of cancer, being angry at having cancer, being on a crusade to wipe out cancer, (which I think is a curse from the pit of hell), trying to figure out how to avoid cancer, feeling defeated by cancer, saddened by new reports of loved ones getting cancer, being consumed trying to rid my body of cancer, being overcome with grief and tears over cancer, that I’ve wasted so much precious time and energy on it and it is still winning! Not only is it winning; it has gotten worse!

All of my efforts to conquer and overcome cancer have sent my cortisol levels sky high, allowing cancer deeper access to me, blocking my immune system from getting rid of it naturally.   Something needs to change.  To continue to do the same thing and expect different outcomes is called insanity.

I believe it’s time for a paradigm shift. What would happen if I actually stopped fighting, stopped being angry, stopped crying, stopped trying or striving to conquer or overcome cancer?  One thing is certain.  My stress levels would go down!  What if I turned the tables on the Enemy’s strategy to engage me in this fight?  What if I accept cancer? Learn to enjoy every moment of every day – cancer and all? What if I stop fretting about having it and make peace with it? That doesn’t necessarily mean I give up HOPE and don’t do anything positive.  It doesn’t mean giving up and dying from it, but truly making peace with the situation I’m in, thanking God every day for allowing me to experience this and learn from this, viewing it as a way He is preparing me for future ways to bless others.  

You know what I think might happen? The Enemy won’t get any more evil pleasure from tormenting me because I refuse to be tormented.  Maybe he’ll just give up and move on. My cortisol levels will drop because my body won’t be constantly in a “fight or flight” mode and my immune system might actually kick in like it’s supposed to and kill the cancer cells.  It will no longer be sidetracked dealing with removing cortisol.  I will be honoring God and praising him more, being grateful for each day, living life to the fullest as I tenderly care for my body, rather than declare war on cancer.  As I get my mind off the cancer, I get my mind on whose I am, God’s beloved daughter, treasured, worthy of health, a royal princess.  Instead of constantly being in battle-mode, I’d experience all the good things He wants me to have like peace, contentment, abundant life.  I’d let go of regret and embrace all I’ve learned through this season of life, excited for how He plans to work all things out for my good according to His good purpose. 

Cancer is not the enemy.  I believe it is being used BY the Enemy to destroy God’s precious children.  God is not our enemy either just because He allows people to experience cancer.  Cancer is something that can send you into the loving arms of God to learn life lessons, like it has me.

You’ve heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Just like everything else we go through, this too shall pass one day, but not until I’ve been able to squeeze every drop of lemonade from it. So I don’t plan to fight anymore.  I plan to put up a lemonade stand so that all who come into my life can have a delicious, refreshing, alkalizing, life-giving drink of God’s goodness from my lemons. 

Anyone care for a cup of lemonade? (without the white sugar, of course!)

My New Ministry - Ultimate Wellness

I've been feeling called by God to share what I've been learning with people who aren't necessarily sick.  So I'm launching a new ministry called "Ultimate Wellness" which will help people gain a fresh perspective on the connection between faith and wellness by teaching them the essentials of ultimate wellness, encouraging them to implement a wellness plan, connecting them with others pursuing wellness, suggesting excellent resources and arranging educational workshops.  More information about the ministry can be found at ultimatewellness.jigsy.com.  

On January 12, 2013, the first Ultimate Wellness event became a reality.  It was an awesome, one-of-a-kind, Christ-centered wellness event, attended by about 160 people. The response to the event was overwhelmingly positive and in fact resulted in an invitation to take the event on the road to Westminster, MD on May 4th. An invitation was also received from a church in Gettysburg, PA, who want us to come on October 26, 2013.  May God use this for His Glory!

Excellent Resource

Just watched an online movie clip "Cancer is Curable" which sums up all the things I learned and more.


There are more resources under "The Plan" tab.

He's not to blame!

One of the turning points in my cancer journey has been the realization that God loves me dearly and truly wants me well; in fact, He never really wanted me sick in the first place.  In all honesty, I don’t believe He put this condition on me.  Admittedly, I didn’t take very good care of my body (my temple) over the years.   Putting junk food and all kinds of harmful things into it and not exercising, lack of sleep, uncontrolled stress resulted in physical consequences.  In addition to that, I held bitterness and unforgiveness in my heart that ate me from the inside out and caused stress that my body couldn’t handle resulting in a physical breakdown, the natural consequence of abuse over time.  

God loves me like no other and wants to give me His best but He needs my cooperation.  In order for Him to have His way in my life, it was my job to allow His Spirit within me to get things in order.  I needed to come broken before Him, giving up my will to His.  It was my job to release those negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, to slam the door shut on the Enemy who was sneaking into my life through a back door, wreaking havoc.   It was my job to come before Him on bended knee accepting His love, repenting of the part I played in my mess, and allowing Him to clean it up and take the steering wheel from here on.

My God is such an awesome God who so graciously and willingly redeems that which I goof up!  Praise Him forever!

He's got my back!

“… I am with you always!” (Matthew 28:20)

What could be worse than being told you have cancer?

Being told your cancer is back!

I didn’t want to hear that my body had been invaded by cancer.  The first time was difficult enough, but now AGAIN?  The news is terrifying—earth shattering.  There are so many questions and no answers:  What treatment method should I use?  How will/should my lifestyle change?  Will I survive? What should I do?  

What did I do? I prayed.  I prayed fervently and read the Word in search of answers.  One day it finally came.  I heard the voice of God say it was okay.  He would be with me no matter what.  He had my back.  What else could I possibly need?

God’s assurance that he is with me gives me the courage to face each day.  I don’t know what lies ahead, but I’ve recommitted myself to healing, not only my body, but my spirit as well.   No more half-hearted attempts to eat right.  Only nutritionally sound food allowed in God’s temple.   No more half-hearted attempts at faith or superficial displays of devotion.  Only an open heart will discover true intimacy with God.  I will trust that He is my strength. Through daily prayer and devotion, I will find the strength I need.  No matter what happens, He has my back.  Through an intimate communion with God, I will find peace—God’s peace—the peace that passes all understanding.

Dear Lord,

Thanks for second chances and for hope.  Carry me through this journey to the place you want me to be.  No matter what happens I know you’ve got my back and you love me and I can trust you.  Help me do my part:  obedience and deeper intimacy with you.  AMEN