Helpful Resources I've Found

Cancer Step Outside The Box by Ty Bollinger (To order visit www.cancertruth.net)

Outsmart Your Cancer 
by Tanya Harter Pierce

Acid/alkaline discussion, Fells' Official Know-It-All Guide to Health and Wellness.

"Living By Faith Not By Sight" by K. P Yohannan (small pamphlet available at www.gfa.org)

A More Excellent Way Be In Health, by Henry W. Wright Pleasant Valley Publications (www.pleasantvalleychurch.net)

The New Bible Cure for Cancer, A Dietary Answer by Don Colbert, MD (the Dr. in Fl I went to) available at www.christianbook.com

Get Heathy Through Detox and Fasting, Dr. Don Colbert

The Seven Pillars of Health by Dr. Don Colbert

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Eat Well & Live  by Gwynn Palmer (www.soundfoodpublishing.com) (cancer diet recipes)

A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm

KnockOut by Suzanne Somers (www.suzannesomers.com/)

"How To Keep Your Healing" by Kenneth E. Hagin (small pamphlet available at www.rhema.org) 

Cancer Free  Your Guide To Gentle, Non-toxic Healing by Bill Henderson booklocker.com 


Web Sites:

The Cancer Tutor (http://www.cancertutor.com/)

Independent Cancer Research Foundation

"Alternatives for the Health Conscious Individual" (Mountain Home Publishing, Dr. David G. Williams)

Life Extension for Longer Life (www.lifeextension.com)

Dr. Schulze's "There are No Incurable Diseases"   (www.herbdoc.com) and his seminars http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1699173





God's GET WELL Plan for Wendy

With all the research I've done including studying God's Word and praying, it has become apparent to me that the only way to kick this miserable thing called cancer, aside from immediate, Divine intervention, is to address the body, soul & spirit.  In my experience, when I missed an aspect of the total plan, things didn't go well.

To help remind me of the overall plan for my healing, God inspired me to write an acrostic that I'll call "God's GET WELL plan for Wendy." 

God first   (Get right with God. Unlock spiritual roots of disease.  Realize how much He loves me.)


  • Toxic stuff in my living environment (excessive exposure to pollution, smoke, radiation, microwave radiation, cleaners, soaps, chlorine, flouride, non-stick pans)
  • Toxic stuff in my body – parasites, bacteria, virus, fungus (detox organs with tinctures, cleanses, sauna, vegetable juicing and alkalizing the body, lymphatic drainage massage, rebounding, colonics, enemas, soak in Epsom salts)
  • Toxic stuff in my emotional life through counseling (bad patterns. Heal the mind and heart)
  • Stress (massage, relaxation techniques, prayer, detox the mind, will and emotions)
  • Hormone imbalances (herbal tinctures)
  • Bad habits (smoking, drinking, junk food, negativity, critical spirit, harboring grudges)
  • Cancer cells safely (alkalize body, use of a frequency generator)
  • Bitterness & unforgiveness (detox the spirit)

Train my mind to be positive (good attitude is critical to getting well. Eliminate negative thinking. Dwell on the positive including scriptures like Ps 118:17)

Watch what I eat and drink (My body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit)

  • Cancer LOVES and FEEDS on SUGARS!  No refined sugar, white flour, white rice, commercially prepared, processed foods, bad oils, artificial sweeteners, additives like MSG and things I can't pronounce, limit dairy & meat, especially pork and beef; avoid fast foods
  • Drink lots of water, fresh juiced vegetables, lemon (avoid soda, coffee, caffeine, energy drinks)
  • Eat living foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, sprouts, lots of healthy, raw, green stuff!


  • Sleep (8 hours a night so the body can rebuild)
  • Exercise (to get circulation going and oxygenate the body, walk.  Cancer hates oxygen!)
  • Air (deep breathing exercises to oxygenate body)
  • Nutritional supplementation (whole food nutrition - JuicePlus, enzymes)
  • Regular elimination (go several times per day - garbage in/garbage out)

Laugh (need 10 belly laughs per day. A merry heart is good medicine.  Funny shows and movies.  Don't be too serious; need joy in my life, lighten up!)

Love (heal relationships, love others, need good support system, forgive, let God love you.)


That in a nutshell describes what God is using to complete the healing in me.  It's harder and takes more self-discipline than a miraculous healing like Emily's, but if that's the way He has chosen to heal me then so be it.  I'll take that any day in exchange for chemo and a colostomy bag!  

I feel like the blind guy in the Bible.  Jesus came up to him, spit on some mud, placed it on his eyes and then told him to go wash so he could be healed. Well, I asked God to heal me; He used common things on this Earth like good food and other healthy things, and has told me to go do it and I'll be fine. That makes me smile : )

His promise to me is that the Result will be:

My faith will be Renewed

My spirit will be Refreshed

The damage to my body will be Repaired

My immune system will be Rebuilt

My body will be Rebalanced

My relationships will be Restored

and my bad habits will be Replaced with good, godly ones.

To Him who can do immeasurably more than I could ever think or imagine, be the glory forever and ever!