He's got my back!

“… I am with you always!” (Matthew 28:20)

What could be worse than being told you have cancer?

Being told your cancer is back!

I didn’t want to hear that my body had been invaded by cancer.  The first time was difficult enough, but now AGAIN?  The news is terrifying—earth shattering.  There are so many questions and no answers:  What treatment method should I use?  How will/should my lifestyle change?  Will I survive? What should I do?  

What did I do? I prayed.  I prayed fervently and read the Word in search of answers.  One day it finally came.  I heard the voice of God say it was okay.  He would be with me no matter what.  He had my back.  What else could I possibly need?

God’s assurance that he is with me gives me the courage to face each day.  I don’t know what lies ahead, but I’ve recommitted myself to healing, not only my body, but my spirit as well.   No more half-hearted attempts to eat right.  Only nutritionally sound food allowed in God’s temple.   No more half-hearted attempts at faith or superficial displays of devotion.  Only an open heart will discover true intimacy with God.  I will trust that He is my strength. Through daily prayer and devotion, I will find the strength I need.  No matter what happens, He has my back.  Through an intimate communion with God, I will find peace—God’s peace—the peace that passes all understanding.

Dear Lord,

Thanks for second chances and for hope.  Carry me through this journey to the place you want me to be.  No matter what happens I know you’ve got my back and you love me and I can trust you.  Help me do my part:  obedience and deeper intimacy with you.  AMEN

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